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Rankings use the official FIFA World Cup Golden Boot criteria to list the top 25 scorers based on goals scored, then assists and finally the fewest minutes played. Over 2, goals have been scored at the 20 editions of the FIFA World Cup final tournaments, excluding penalties converted during shoot-outs. Since the first  ‎ Overall top goalscorers · ‎ Timeline · ‎ Top goalscorers for each. Player, Team(s), M. goals, Penalty, Ø. 1, Miroslav Klose · Germany, 24, 16, 0, 2, Ronaldo · Brazil, 19, 15, 1, 3, Gerd Müller · Germany, 13, 14, 1. Zenden, Boudewijn Boudewijn Zenden. We have our eight winners for the FIFA Confeder Schachner, Walter Walter Schachner. Owen, Michael Michael Owen. Ferdinand, Rio Rio Ferdinand. Retrieved from " https: Rodax, Gerhard Gerhard Rodax. Frings, Torsten Torsten Frings. Mehmedi, Admir Admir Mehmedi. Varallo, Francisco Francisco Varallo. Bein, Uwe Uwe Bein. Mertens, Dries Dries Mertens.

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Top 10 Goalscorers to Watch in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Vera, Enrique Enrique Vera. Mnari, Jawhar Jawhar Mnari. Yaremchuk, Ivan Ivan Yaremchuk. Hintermaier, Reinhold Reinhold Hintermaier. Negrete, Manuel Manuel Negrete. Camara, Henri Henri Camara. Nilis, Luc Luc Nilis. Tomasson, Jon Dahl Jon Dahl Tomasson. Coeck, Ludo Ludo Coeck. Bulgarelli, Giacomo Giacomo Bulgarelli. Berdoll, Marc Marc Berdoll. world cup top goal scorers Heisserer, Oscar Oscar Heisserer. Clarke, Colin Colin Clarke. Rosas, Manuel Manuel Rosas. Batistuta, Gabriel Gabriel Batistuta. Al-Dakhil, Faisal Faisal Al-Dakhil. Klodt, Bernhard Bernhard Klodt. Events Euro Rio